Special Event!

Rodney Owen will be offering a Winter Qigong Session on March 10th, from 12:30PM till 4:00PM, here at Studio Eleve’.

The focus of this workshop will be Taiji Stick Qigong. The Taiji Stick is a crucial part of the Hunyuan Taiji-Qigong System. The Taiji Stick Qigong originated from the Silk Reeling Exercises of Chen Taijiquan via Grandmaster Chen Fake and the Daoist Qigong of Grandmaster Hu Yaozhen, and was developed in this current format by Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang. In this workshop we will be learning the basics of using the Taiji Stick and the foundations of advanced practice. We will be using the Stick to consolidate some of the practices covered in prior workshops over the past year, primarily Silk Reeling and Neigong. To that end, this workshop will include a review of basic Neigong and Silk Reeling practices. We will also cover basic Qigong stretching and agility exercises, and static Qigong meditation. Participants are expected to have a Taiji Stick. Anyone interested in training who doesn’t have a Stick should contact Rodney ASAP for options on quick-purchase or borrowing (these options are limited). Further, it is recommended to bring a yoga mat and meditation cushion. These are available for borrowing at the studio. This workshop is appropriate for all ages and skill levels. Experience with these practices or attendance at previous workshops are not necessary or required.

For further information/reservations please contact Rodney Owen at rodneyjowen@gmail.com.

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