Prices and Fees

All Yoga, Pilates, and Adult Ballet classes

$12 (“ELEVÉ PASS”—11 classes for the price of 10—$120)

Hoop Dance and Tai Chi classes

$10 (“ELEVÉ PASS”—11 classes for the price of 10—$100)

Seniors (60+)

$10 any/all classes

Students (w/college ID)

$10 any/all classes

Private/semi-private class

TBD by Instructor

Special events

$30/hr., 3 hr. minimum

We accept cash, checks, and most major credit cards.

Class Attire

Students must be dressed in class-appropriate fitness apparel or dancewear, which will allow for freedom of movement. Shoes are not required for any class, except Adult Ballet, which is best performed in leather ballet slippers or flexible, jazz shoes. However, most people prefer to wear sneakers or jazz shoes for Hoop Dance. Absolutely NO “street” shoes are allowed in the dance studio. Students of Yoga and Pilates are encouraged to bring their own personal mats and face towels to class, although mats, blocks, and straps are available “in house.”

(FYI: We offer pull-on “booties” with rubber-bit soles, as well as a limited supply of 100% cotton “active wear” clothes items for sale here at the studio.)

Studio Etiquette and Policies

Studio Elevé is meant to be a calm, cool, comfortable environment for gentle body-conditioning, with active adults in mind. In order to preserve the somewhat sophisticated integrity of this space, we wish to discourage the presence of young children anywhere on the premises, except “by permission only” from the class Instructor. We must insist that parents/guardians be completely responsible for supervising their children, even as the child “waits” for parent/guardian to finish a class. Unruly children will be asked to leave, along with their parent or guardian.

We welcome adults from all backgrounds, and of virtually any age and skill level. We expect all Studio Elevé visitors to demonstrate courtesy and respect for all fellow students and teachers, as well as the facility itself.

All group classes at Studio Elevé are offered as “open” classes, rather than on a tuition-based, or membership, structure.  Private and semi-private classes are available “by appointment only,” and must be arranged directly with the Instructor.

Food and Drink:
Everyone is responsible for his/her own trash. Please help us keep our studio clean and beautiful. Minimal food and drink items are allowed in the reception area only; trash must be properly disposed of in provided containers (please notice the recycling bin).

Late Policy:
Students who arrive more than 10 minutes late will not be permitted to join the class. Besides the disruptive nature of late arrivals, the warm-up segment at the beginning of a class is critical to its progression, and the well-being of the participant.

Weather Delays/Cancellations:
If it becomes necessary to close the studio due to inclement weather, we will post this information on our website. Closure does not automatically correspond to public school/business closures, so please call the studio at (336) 497-5437, or check the website.