YOGA (w/Mark)

Vinyasa-based (“flow”) yoga for students with a developing, or ongoing, familiarity with yoga. Mark’s classes feature dynamic, energizing movement sequences, with an emphasis on mindful breathing. Moving through fluidly shifting positions, to soothing inspirational music, has the potential to relieve stressful tension in the body, while challenging one’s strength, balance, and overall flexibility.


These classes are perfect for, but not restricted to, people wanting to experience yoga for the first time. Anyone interested in learning the fundamental aspects and basic poses (asanas) of yoga will appreciate Shakira’s careful instruction, and the pace of this class.

TAI CHI “Yang Style” (w/Mark)

Tai Chi (Yang style) is a Chinese martial-arts form of stylized, meditative exercise, characterized by methodically slow, circular, stretching movements, and positions of bodily balance. Mark gently guides his students through movement sequences (3 circles, 108 movements) which create an energized, relaxed state of mind. Over time, students may notice improved circulation, lower blood pressure, stronger immune system, increased bone density, greater focus, and even relief from arthritis pain.

TAI CHI “White Crane Style” (w/Jason Fleck)

Tibetan White Crane Qi Gong and 32 movement Tai Chi is an eastern approach to health, longevity and emotional awareness. Tai Chi is based on the theory that your mind, body, and spirit must be in balance. Qi Gong/Tai Chi is a gentle low-impact (and relaxing) discipline that has its roots in martial arts. It helps to improve coordination, balance, focus and breathing, while teaching the student various movements that are elegant, flowing and meditative. Classes are taught in a non-martial way, focusing on health and energy awareness.

PILATES (Mat) (w/Taryn) Every other Saturday

This Pilates “mat” class is based on Joseph Pilates’ original method of building core strength, increasing flexibility, and balancing the whole body. Taryn will emphasize breathing and quality of form. Modifications are provided for beginners, while variations may be incorporated to challenge her more advanced students. One will soon notice the fantastic overall benefits of Pilates through this precise, focused exercise class, regardless of initial skill level.

ADULT BALLET (w/Christine)

Christine offers dancers and non-dancers alike traditional ballet-based exercise sequences set to classical music. This uplifting dance class is for students who wish to increase coordination, muscular balance, and physical integrity, as well as for those who simply want to reconnect with their “inner ballerina.” Proper body placement and terminology is emphasized. This class is best “performed” in ballet slippers or dance/jazz sneakers, and comfortable, “moveable” clothes.

HOOP DANCE (w/Sheryl) (or Tammy, substitute instructor)

Both Tammy and Sheryl’s Studio Elevé classes are geared to active adults seeking a fun, cardio workout. Students will enjoy the amazing core-strengthening, calorie-burning benefits of “hula” hooping, while learning to coordinate dance moves using one, two, or more hoops. Hooping actually burns 600-800 calories per hour! Class can be “performed” barefoot or in sneakers. Bring your own hoop(s), or borrow (or purchase!) one of Tammy’s own hand-crafted hoops for the class.

AERIAL YOGA (w/Shakira) Monday evenings, & every other Saturday

Aerial Yoga fitness classes use aerial hammocks to support the body in movement techniques while allowing more ease during inversions. The hammock is used as a prop during balancing poses to create stability, while also building strength through body weight training. Follow this link to register for aerial yoga.

RESTORATIVE SOUND IMMERSION (Bill Smith) Special Occasions only

The vibrations from gongs and singing bowls have the profound ability to alter and change brainwave states, with positive results on a cellular and neurological level. Bill occasionally conducts a sound immersion “event” here at Studio Eleve’ during which participants simply relax, while the vibrations of gongs and bells wash over them. These sessions will help one reduce stress, discover a new level of tranquility, and feel more focused and refreshed.