Studio Elevé was originally conceived of as a calm, cool, comfortable environment for gentle body-conditioning, with active adults in mind.

Owner, Christine Spizzo, and her business partner, Mark E. McCullough, have endeavored through their individual experiences in dance and yoga, respectively, to create a unique fitness facility in the heart of downtown Kernersville. Located in “The Factory” on North Main Street, Studio Elevé welcomes all adults of virtually any age and skill level, to participate in a variety of uplifting (“elevé-ting”) wellness/fitness classes.

With an emphasis on “no machines” body-conditioning, and a belief in the benefits of moving to music, group classes are offered in Yoga (Vinyasa and meditative), Pilates (mat), Tai Chi (Yang style, and Tibetan White Crane), Hoop Dance, Adult Ballet and Aerial Yoga.

Inspired by the idea of helping to keep “older people younger longer,” Spizzo has assembled a like-minded group of certified professional instructors who are vigorously committed to helping adults of all ages achieve, or maintain, personal fitness and well-being. All one-hour classes are offered as “open” classes, rather than on a tuition-based, or membership structure. Private and semi-private classes are available by appointment.

The studio space itself is a unique blend of tranquility and vitality, and is conveniently situated among the various shops and restaurants at “The Factory.” Studio Elevé is ideally suited, and available for, special events,  photography sessions, “trunk” shows, master classes, etc. Please call for further information…336-497-5437.

Daoist Neigong Workshop

We are excited to host Steve Galloway November 16th and 17th for the Daoist Neigong Workshop! Steve Galloway will be teaching Level 1 Neigong with an emphasis on Dao Yin and Sung. Dao Yin is a process for opening tissues, stretching tendons, and purging energetic pathogens. Sung is a process of releasing muscular tension, and […]

Class Cancellations

Update! Yoga w/Mark at 10:00am is cancelled November 8th. Yoga w/Mark and Gyrokineisis w/Peggy are cancelled November 9th and 16th for the weekend long Tai Chi workshop.

Introducing Gyrokinesis

We are introducing Gyrokinesis “mat” classes on Saturdays beginning on October 12th thru December 21st at 11:30am. Peggy O’Donnell will offer this series of classes, which is new to our area! The Gyrokinesis Method is a movement method that addresses the entire body, opening energy pathways, stimulating the nervous system, increasing range of motion, and […]

Fall Schedule

Fall into Autumn! Our class schedule will have a few adjustments. Pilates has been discontinued until further notice. However, Vicki Bartnikowski will teach a monthly Pilates class beginning September 28th at 11:30am. Gyrokinesis w/Peggy O’Donnell will replace Pilates at 11:30am each Saturday beginning October 12th. Aerial Yoga w/Debi Genty will continue every Monday at 7:15pm – 8:30pm! Pre-registration is […]